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Mitsubishi EVO 8

RED makes you go FASTER!
430hp & 60kg torque @ 1.7bar

Who doesn't love EVOs? You can find'em in Rallying, hillclimbing, dragracing, even in drifting! So if you had one, how long until you start the mods? Noone would blame you..


Car specs:
Cp Pistons
Eagle Rods
ACL bearings
ARP bolts
Camshafts HKS 272°
Supertech valves and springs
Turbo EVO 9
Exhaust 76mm
Twindisc clutch Exedy
RS differentials
OZ 18" Rims
Greddy gauges
ECUflash Gk Tronic tuning

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Audi S2 870hp by Dragpower

DRAGPOWER's Audi S2 on the dragstrip!
So this is one of the street cars of Bulgaria Ladies and Gents! And you don't need Hollywood to see a "10sec car" as a street car..


It might be a little expensive to run as a daily, or you might not want to drive it at all on the streets, but there is the number plates and over there are the streets.. So whats the hold up?


Nearly 900hp pulled on a dynapack its not a laughing matter..
The White S2 is hiding a LOT under the hood and DRAGPOWER is keeping its secrets well. All we know is, its a 2.2lt 20v with a 2.5 stroker kit engine and an FP turbo @ 2.5bar with E85 fuel. Well good luck standing next to this Audi..

Check the video and leave your comments!

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Audi S3 8L 0-400 Tune 2 Race 545hp

Audi S3 8L 0-400 Tune 2 Race 545hp on the dyno

Audi A3 8L 0-400 Tune 2 Race 545hp

Tuned by:
0-400 Tune 2 Race
ECU tuning by SVS

Audi S3 8L specs:
Forged engine
Cat camshafts
750cc Bosch Injectors
AEM Water methanol kit

Audi A3 8L 0-400 Tune 2 Race 545hp

As shown on the dyno:
545HP, 59.5nm

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