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Scirocco GT-R 1200WHP-1200KG by HEED-AUTO

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Γιώργος Μαράβας στο ΤΕΤΡΑΚΟΣΑΡΙ ΙΙ
Χαντζαράς Γιώργος, μετά το 8.8"
Αναστάσιος Τσόνογλου στο πρώτο DYNODAY
ΛΑΝ2010 στην πρώτη του Δεξιοτεχνία ποτέ.



Ελληνική έκδοση, εδώ.

That ferking "7" still not showing up!
You know HEED-AUTO. You cannot not know them by now. All we do is talk about them, and we are not the only ones babbling about their mad car. Greece was a destination to break their previous record made in their motherland, Bulgaria. Their goal actually? To enter the era of 7". Not to conquer it. Just enter.


Their car has it all to achieve this goal. Even more than that. Luck some times has little to do with you success or failure, but you can't blame it all on blind luck. HEED eventually DID manage to break their record. Actually repeatedly and even on their very first run. They drove hundrends of kilometers to make 3 runs in total, and in the end came up to the magic number of 8.065" @ 400m. Was that a failure? Others don't even dream a number like that.. HEED-AUTO team were just happy. But for more on this you'll have to wait for a new interview!


Martin, the driver, saved the car from being a total wreck, on the second run of day one when it torque steered out of the runway. Imagine sitting in the cockpit of a drag car like the Scirocco with 1200hp, weighing 1200kg and speeding ~200km/h and suddenly without control, you lose control.


As for the Greeks, well, we told you so. Everyone loved the car. Even the haters. It wasn't just the car though. Its rare to find such a kind and friendly crew that go with the car. Mr Petrov, Martin, Biser, Victoria, Elena and all the others were happy to help, ask, answer and give way for photos to fans all around. And always with a kind smile.


Now what bothers the team you might ask? Well its what we said before. That damn number. Seven.
Until that day..

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What can you do in 7 seconds?

Ελληνική έκδοση, εδώ.

Forget VW. Forget Nissan. This isn't this or that. It is an acceleration machine made by a team that works like a family.
They are no other but HEED-AUTO, the guys with the fastest car in Bulgaria.


This time they prepared their car to brake two kind of barriers: their country borders and that of their E/T record.
The silver Scirocco will be racing in Greece pretty soon and HEED-91's goal is to stun the greek dragster fans with at least one pass lower than 8 seconds.


Our film crew will be there, capturing EVERY moment, as we did in the past years in Bulgaria, hoping for the BEST.


To all the Greeks out there, one reminder: keep an eye for that tall thin guy with the black racing suit..

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